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World class…

Embassy Graphics uses the latest in scanning hardware and color correction software to provide high quality digital images. Our color department operates in a controlled ICC color managed environment, employing the science of color to meet your needs. As one of the early adapters of this technology, we have extensive experience in creating and attaching color profiles to your scans. With our ICC Color profiles, you can repurpose your images across multiple printing processes and cross-media applications without loss of quality or need for re-scanning.

We are one of the few companies able to provide a digital press proof of your scan for final review and approval. This process allows you to make any required changes early in the process without compromising final delivery times or incurring additional production expense at the final imaging stage.

Our operators are experts at color correction, retouching and image manipulation. If you can describe it, our digital artists can create it. Embassy’s three-tier quality approach allows us to provide pricing based on your
color expectations:

  • Preferred Color is used when exact color matching is not required or the original is less than ideal. Our color experts assess the image and use their expertise to provide you with a visually pleasing reproduction.
  • Optimum Color is used when exact color matching is required. It’s ideal when you’ve invested a lot of effort ensuring photography or original art is exactly to your specifications and you want to maintain that color integrity throughout the reproduction process
  • Corrective Color is used when the image requires extensive color correction and the final result is not expected to look like the original. In this approach, color-specific art direction and multiple rounds of proofs are typically required.

Embassy Graphics also has the technology to provide you with a low-resolution 72-dpi placement file for page layout production. When the job is received for final imaging, the low-resolution image automatically swaps with it’s high-resolution counterpart on our servers. This allows you to increase your productivity by keeping your file sizes smaller.


  • Color (CMYK or RGB) Scanning
  • B/W Halftone Scanning
  • Multichannel Scanning (Duotone, Tritone, etc.)
  • Low Resolution Placement Files
  • Close Cutting
  • Silhouetting
  • Retouching
  • Image Manipulation
  • Complex Montage Work